Cutting Edge Pool and Patio is a London, Ontario-based family business installing pools, patios, and landscape in your backyard.




Our model was invented by the Cutting Edge founder, Steve Langille. With over 20 years of experience, we understand that your property is unique. We use the distinct, natural beauty of your property to formulate a custom pool and patio, perfectly your own.


Our company enjoys a boutique environment, where its primary focus is on helping homeowners maximize the potential of their yard space through the use of water, light and sound. With the unique charm that can only come from a smaller, personable company, Steve and the Cutting Edge team can do away with the standardized concepts that come from franchised companies. Instead, the team's care and craft keep your property feeling like home.


With Steve’s extensive background in concrete, we are able to do our own concrete work. By using our own team, we eliminate the quality-control and scheduling problems that can occur with sub-contracting.





We design and install concrete, vinyl, and fibreglass pools. Whether you're looking for your first pool or are hoping to update an older one, Steve's creativity and design will guide your vision every step of the way. Cutting Edge handles the excavation, construction, and installation. There's no need for sub-contractors that can add time and costs to your project.



Whether you need new patio steps, a renovated pool deck, or a redesigned walkway, Cutting Edge's precision and experience with concrete shines through to the final product. With over 20 years of experience, Steve understands the unique demands of each project and how to bring out the character in your backyard.


We have a broad selection of options to help you make your backyard exactly how you imagine it. From water features to walkways, pools to patios, we combine beauty with practicality for a truly stunning backyard experience.

We offer a boutique environment that you simply cannot get with cookie-cutter solutions offered elsewhere.

Our Process



Installing a pool is a big process. Luckily for our customers, we take care of every step. While you watch and wait, Steve and the team handle the excavation, construction, and installation of the pool. Cutting Edge's breadth of experience allows us to avoid using sub-contractors that can add time and costs to your project. By the time that we've left, your pool can be ready for swimming! Weather permitting, of course.


Over time, things crack or wear out. It doesn't always mean that you need a complete rebuild, so we offer maintenance services as well. If you're tired of fighting with the cracks in your driveway while shovelling snow, or perhaps the unsightly and outdated style of your back patio, contact Steve for your resurfacing, restoration, and maintenance options.