When is the Best Time to Replace a Pool Liner?

No matter how nice it once looked, your old liner will eventually start to fail on you. Small tears and folds will add up to big problems over the course of a season. Maybe you're reading this because you already know that your liner needs to be replaced, or perhaps you're just looking ahead. Either way, what follows are a few quick pros and cons for the two most common liner-replacement times.


At the time of writing this, we're coming to the end of another Summer season in London, ON. That means that people are starting to close their pools for the Winter. Though many don't expect this, end-of-season can actually be a great time to replace your pool liner.

The primary benefit of replacing a liner at this time of year is that you won't lose any in-season time for next year. Your pool will be up-and-ready as soon as the weather permits it. This can be really nice for people with inground pools, as every week shaved off of the Canadian swimming season can be frustrating.

Another benefit is that your pool can be closed by the company who replaces the liner, ensuring that everything was done correctly and leaving you with someone to go to in the following season if something isn't right.

A final (potential) benefit can be scheduling. Most people will be peeling off their cover and seeing a damaged liner for the first time in the Spring, meaning that most of the liner-replacements will be happening at that time. If a company is less booked because they aren't doing as many liner-replacements at the end of the season then that can mean priority scheduling for you and your project.

Keep in mind that many pool companies will have a breadth of work that they do, which can include liner replacements as well as things such as safety cover installations. As a result, they won't be able to guarantee a miracle liner-replacement schedule because they will be booking a different set of seasonal projects.


As mentioned above, the beginning of the season is generally the most common time for people to replace their pool liners. As expected, this comes with its own pros and cons.

The primary benefit is that you are going into the season with a brand new liner, while an end-of-season installation means that the liner has gone through one Winter before you've ever actually used it.

The second benefit is that a liner replacement requires draining and refilling your pool. Doing this at the end of the season can seem like a hassle, but at the beginning of the season, it guarantees fresh, clean water.

Alongside these two primary benefits is the clear downside: most people get their liners replaced at the beginning of the season, so priority scheduling can become difficult. Most of this drawback can be eliminated by opening your pool early and/or booking your liner replacement ahead of time.

The company who replaces your liner will expect the pool to be open and in decent condition prior to draining it (unless you have arranged for them to also open your pool), but you could potentially book a liner replacement before you open. This approach gets your name in the 'queue,' allowing for faster turnaround time.

Usually, the bulk of the time spent waiting for a pool liner replacement is while the manufacturer makes the liner. That being said, getting the process started before the manufacturer is flooded with orders can make your experience much more preferable.


We hope that this information was helpful!