What is Hivercide?

When you're getting ready to close your pool this year, you will probably reach for some algaecide and some antifreeze. Sometimes, next to these familiar products will be a less familiar one: Hivercide.

Many pool owners will assume that it is a 'premium' algaecide, but the lower price-point helps indicate that's not the case. Hivercide is a winterizing product for pools that are closed with a safety cover. It allows for a cleaner, easier-to-open pool the following Spring.

Safety covers are primarily a thick mesh, allowing water and silt to phase through them into the pool. As a result, the pool water in the Spring can be extremely green or black, with thick algae on the pool walls if proper care was not taken to open properly with a safety cover.

Hivercide can help to prevent these opening issues by keeping the algae suspended in the water. Suspended algae is much easier to kill with chlorine than algae that is attached to a surface.

While it's not the cure-all, one-stop solution to safety cover opening issues, Hivercide can be a relatively affordable factor for safety cover owners who are looking to close their pool this year as effectively as possible.