Opening with Algae

The classic pool-opening weekend, May 24th, is coming up. We thought that now would be a good time to give you some advice on opening your pool if you find that it is filthy green. Since none of your friends or loved ones would be interested in a cool and refreshing algae bath, here are some basic suggestions for clearing up a pool…

Firstly, make sure that your pump is running. If your water is sitting stagnant, any chemicals that you add will be fighting an uphill battle as they work to clear up your pool. Run your pump constantly and follow the next suggestion(s) until the algae is gone.

With the pump running and the water circulating, you are ready to shock the pool. Liquid chlorine or pre-mixed powdered chlorine shock will usually do the trick. If the algae is very bad and you choose to add an algaecide, check that it is a synthetic kind. Chlorine shock will lessen the effectiveness of an organic-based algaecide.

You may need to scrub the walls to remove algae that has attached to surfaces. Agitate the sitting algae as much as possible to help the chlorine kill it.

When the algae is dead, you will probably have white, cloudy water. If you want to clear it up quickly, use a liquid or powdered flocculant, and follow the directions carefully. These products drop the dead algae that is causing the cloudiness to the bottom of the pool so that it may be cleaned out.

If you aren’t in a rush to clear up the cloudiness, a clarifier can often help remove the dead algae over the course of a few weeks.

We hope this has been helpful. Enjoy your pool this summer!